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Assessment of diamonds

The first proposal which you can receive on the jewelry sold by you is not necessarily the most profitable one. In this matter you shouldn't hurry, and you should know the actual cost of a diamond better at first. LuxeWatch24 Centre will suggest it to you absolutely free of charge. Anyone can estimate and sell diamonds in Moscow through our service – this procedure won't take a lot of time.

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Components of prices for diamonds

  • colour. Varies from absolutely colourless to dark brown and pale yellow;
  • microcracks and defects. The less microcracks and defects when magnified 10 times, the higher price of diamonds. During accomplishment of our assessment, extent of the defect, its reason and location are considered;
  • amount of carats. Stones with weight up to 0.29 carat are considered small, with weight up to 1 carat – average, all others – large;
  • stone form. When gem-cutting, diamonds are given various forms: roundish, rhombic, oval, etc.

Can gem-cutting affect result of assessment of diamonds?

Round cutting is the universally recognized standard, but other forms are rather often met as well. The final configuration is influenced by an initial form of diamond, as well as current market demand for precious stones.

As tastes differ, and sometimes rather essentially, it is unreasonable to confirm that a type of gem-cutting can have a significant impact on online assessment by an expert of diamond jewelry. For objective orientation actual current market tendencies will be announced to you.

How is assessment carried out?

  • fill a simple and clear request form on our website where it is necessary to specify reliable information about diamond jewelry item;
  • availability of documents confirming purchase is specified;
  • it is necessary to add several high-quality photos made in different foreshortenings to the filled form;
  • as little defects and other hidden features of a precious stone are not always visible on the photos, for objectivity of assessment specify diamond parameters, having placed the main emphasis on the hidden defects;
  • provided contact information should be factually correct, otherwise our expert won't be able to contact you for announcement of results of assessment of diamond jewelry.

Online assessment of diamond jewelry gives approximate result. Its compliance to average market indicators considerably depends on the photos provided, accuracy of the data about stones and given verbal description. Complete examination will help to achieve accurate results, however even the data received in this way will help to estimate reasonability of the sale.

For those who want to estimate the cost of their jewelry items with precious stones in order to sell diamonds in Moscow, cooperation with our Watch Centre is an ideal solution. We will determine market value of your jewelry item quickly and accurately. Collection of information necessary for assessment won't take up a lot of time. We are waiting for your requests for online assessment of diamonds!

  • Assessment of diamonds

    In order to sell an expensive jewelry item, it is necessary to estimate its cost rationally. We render a service of online assessment of diamond jewelry cost absolutely free of charge and with a possibility of further buying-out of jewelry.

    It is rather simple to use this service: you should only fill a form and our specialist will contact you in the shortest possible time.

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