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Assessment of watches

For determination of market prices of elite watches you needn’t spend your precious time for visiting a salon or searching an assessment expert of necessary qualification among acquaintances, friends and relatives. LuxeWatch24 Centre in Moscow will help you to know the precise cost of pre-owned watches absolutely free of charge. Moreover this procedure is performed online, you needn’t come to the office for this purpose.

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Peculiarities of value assessment of expensive elite watches

A final price of any item is influenced by its manufacturer, lifetime, model, as well as extent of wear. Besides, there are a number of criteria which can influence on pricing. Only a qualified specialist is capable to consider them all and name an actual price. Regular non-online assessment of watches is carried out in many salons, but only LuxeWatch24 offers this service without necessity to spend personal time for visiting an assessment expert.

We will save you from these troubles. Everything that is necessary is to provide several photos without computer handling in different foreshortenings, with various viewing angles on an accessory. Quantity and quality of photos influence the result accuracy.

What is necessary to do for accomplishment of online assessment of expensive watches?

  • fill a simple and clear form, answer a number of standard questions in it;
  • it is necessary to specify real contact information in order that our representatives could contact you;
  • add photos made according to our recommendations to your answers;
  • send a request form and wait for a call from our representative. You will be asked specifying questions, or will be reported the result of assessment of watch at once.

What additional information will be required?

Speed of online assessment of watches in Moscow is influenced by completeness and reliability of information provided by you. Minimum necessary data include: a brand, a manufacturer, year of purchase, as well as high-quality photos in different foreshortenings. Video of an item made by you, information on availability of certificates and cheques for elite watch, as well as any other facts about it will facilitate and accelerate assessment experts’ work.

Why is it necessary to order online assessment of watches in LuxeWatch24?

  • we entrust to perform this procedure to qualified highly-experienced specialists who show discrimination in elite accessories and are perfectly guided in all variety of products of well-known global manufacturers;
  • we have been engaged in sale and buying-up of watches of the majority of well-known trademarks since 2007. The unique experience serving as a guarantee of the accurate and reliable result has been acquired during this time. If you are not sure whether your watch belongs to the list of products of elite manufacturers, contact our experts in any convenient way. They are always available;
  • besides online assessment of watches, our Watch Centre is also engaged in buying-up of models which interest us if the price named by an expert satisfies you;
  • receipt of the expert’s conclusion occurs in the shortest possible time. We are not used to keep our customers waiting.

It is not difficult to find the answer to a question of searching a suitable salon for assessment of exclusive watches, since there are a lot of companies which carry out this work. It is much more important that assessment would be performed quickly, accurately and according to the market value at which it is possible to find a buyer of this item. In LuxeWatch24 Centre located in Moscow it is possible to carry out all this in a matter of days. We provide our services seven days a week. Call, send a request and receive real cash for branded watches!

  • Assessment of watches

    In order to determine the cost of your Swiss watch quickly, you can use our service of online assessment of watches with further buying-up which we provide absolutely free of charge.

    Online assessment is carried out by qualified specialists in the field of elite Swiss watches. We work with products of all famous brands. Our Watch Centre offers the most favourable prices on buying-up of Swiss watches. We provide information on goods within the shortest terms.

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