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Buying-out of watches in Moscow

Possession of exclusive accessories of well-known Swiss brands, such as Blancpain, Rolex, De Grisogono, A. Lange & Sohne, Badollet, etc. excites envy in people around. Since such things emphasize the owner’s status, excellent taste and social position. Besides, watches are reliable, durable, high-quality and functional.

However circumstances can develop in different ways, and situation when a need to sell elite watch in Moscow arises is quite possible. To bargain them away, knowing their actual price and advantages, is to derogate yourself. Regardless of your purposes, among which there can be urgent cash receipt or search of variants for exchange, the unique LuxeWatch24 Centre in Moscow is ready to help you. Our specialization is expensive buying-out of Swiss watches. We show discrimination in good accessories and we offer actual prices for them.

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Main reasons to address to LuxeWatch24:

  • possibility of realization of all stages of a transaction. We carry out both buying-out of watches of well-known brands and their operational assessment. Moreover, for this purpose you needn’t come to our office – experts work with the photos sent by you, obtained additional information regarding condition and other characteristics of an item;
  • it is important not only to sell watch expensively, but also to make this transaction securely. Our terms are absolute simple, clear and transparent, they don't carry hidden commissions and risks; complete confidentiality and safety on every stage of cooperation are guaranteed to each customer;
  • depending on that how soon you need money, urgent buying-out of Swiss watches and receiving of items for realization are carried out;
  • our experts’ qualification and many years of experience allow them to be guided freely in products of the best global manufacturers, to perform authentication check of each accessory, to reveal counterfeits and discrepancies unmistakably. Therefore an offered price will precisely correspond to a real market one.

We carry out buying-out of expensive elite pre-owned Swiss watches in Moscow of the following manufacturers: Blancpain, Rolex, De Grisogono, A. Lange & Sohne, Badollet, Van Der Bauwede, Zenith and many others.

Listed trademarks don't restrict buying-out of watches of other global manufacturers, and are indicated as an example. You can specify terms of buying of your own branded watch by contacting our expert in any convenient way (phone, e-mail); besides, you can gat any other information.

Buying-out of Swiss watches: scheme of cooperation with LuxeWatch24

At first, assessment of exclusive products of Swiss watchmakers offered by you is carried out. For its accomplishment you should provide some information and several photos in different foreshortenings on which a model and a manufacturer’s logo are visible. Upon completion of te check our expert will contact you, confirm authenticity of watch and name the offered price for Swiss watch. If you are satisfied with this price, you should come to our Watch Centre for the conclusion of a transaction.

We build our work on the principles of the maximum transparency and honesty, answering any your questions and informing on the course of a transaction. Call and send photos of your watch. Our experts are available within 24 hours.

  • Assessment of watches

    In order to determine the cost of your Swiss watch quickly, you can use our service of online assessment of watches with further buying-up which we provide absolutely free of charge.

    Online assessment is carried out by qualified specialists in the field of elite Swiss watches. We work with products of all famous brands. Our Watch Centre offers the most favourable prices on buying-up of Swiss watches. We provide information on goods within the shortest terms.

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